It could be you or a friend, but once that little bundle of joy comes along, you need to represent the inner geek. Check out these 8 cute and geeky baby vests that are perfect for the little geek (geek 2.0).

For the more video game orientated amongst you, this says it all. Show the world that Player 3 has arrived and is ready to show you up on Fortnite. Pick it up here.

This one is available in a whole array of colours, unfortunately the XP bar doesn’t increase. Show off your love of tabletop games with this and grab it here.

Another video game one here, but this is more just to prove you’re a respectable human being. Definitely geared towards Daddy, available in lots of colour options. Grab it here.

This is just for Dad also, but moving away from the games and straight into the geeky stuff. I’d have left the word geek intact, but you can’t have everything. Available here.

I’d say don’t buy this for your second-born or later, but perfect for your first bundle of joy. Available here, just in the one colour though.

As a huge DnD geek, this absolutely is my favourite. Not every one of your friends will get it, but that’s just part of the beauty. You can pick it up here, with other colour options.

Finishing off with this lovely vest, it emphasises cuteness with your inevitable love of Maths. Grab it here.

I hope that these give you some inspiration for you or a loved one, leave a comment and share!