Pixel Heart Necklace

If you ever played any retro games from the 80s and 90s, you’ll remember having hearts popping up in the corner of your screen. The most notable of course is the Legend of Zelda games. Here’s a lovely guide to creating a cute necklace to show off that retro love courtesy of Do It Your Freaking Self.

For full instructions on how you can create this look, check out the guide here.

Chelsea Lacopelli / Via doityourfreakingself.com

LEGO Pencil Holder

Estefi Machado / via handmadecharlotte.com

This is definitely one of my favourites on this list, nothing reminds me of my childhood more than LEGO. If I wasn’t geeking out with Computers, DnD or Video Games; I was definitely building crazy creations.

Check out the guide here from Hand Made Charlotte.

Poké Ball Light

Not sure what else there is to say here, check out this video from Mad Stuff With Rob, love it! For the direct link, click here.

Tetris Shelves

Nothing says “geek” quite like some DIY Tetris shelves. These would look great in your kid’s bedroom, or your games room (for holding those retro game boxes).

You can find the full instructions over at ournerdhome.com, courtesy of Kat and Cam. Thanks!

Kat and Cam / via ournerdhome.com

Companion Cube

matson23 / via instructables.com

Everyone needs a companion cube in their life. Sometimes you’re just feeling lonely, or maybe you want to run your own tests for science…

Either way, this amazing recreation can be achieved with some great DIY instructions here.

Your Very Own Tesseract

I couldn’t help myself… This is definitely one of my favourites, just make sure it doesn’t open a wormhole. Big thanks to Venessa Baez-Jones for making this great video!

Star Wars Glowing Emblems

These are great for the Star Wars geek in your life! They come from Nerdforge via instructables.com and look great as wall decor.

Find the full instructions here, there’s also a handy YouTube vide here.

There we have it! 7 great DIY projects you can get started on, right now! Leave your thoughts below and let me know the results!